The journal “Educational Studies” has been published annually since 1998 by researchers from the Center of Professional Didactics and Research (CPDR) at the National University of Mongolia and the Department of Psychology.

Since 2015, in order to develop the journal close to the international standards and centralize it into electronic system, members of the Journal Editorial Board have been operated with the domain  address of

The editorial board of the journal “Educational Studies” has scientists and researchers who recognized in this field. From 1998 to 2015, the following researchers were members of the journal editorial board:

  1. Z.Bold, D., prof
  2. Urantsetseg, Ph.D., prof
  3. Doyod,
  4. Burmaa, Ph.D
  5. Nergui, Ph.D., prof
  6. Oyuntsetseg, Ph.D., prof
  7. Darjaa, Ph.D., prof
  8. Dalaijamts, Ph.D., ass.,prof
  9. Luvsandorj, Ph.D., prof
  10. Davaa, Ph.D., prof
  11. Tuya, Ph.D., prof
  12. Erdenchimeg, Ph.D
  13. Batkhurel, Ph.D
  14. Vanchigsuren, Ph.D
  15. Ganbat
  16. Munkhdalai, Ph.D
  17. Baasanjav, Ph.D